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L.D. - "There are no words that are able to describe our gratitude"

"Dear Michael & Team,

As most people that pass through your doors at de Broglio in the beginning, I also found myself in a very negative and unimaginable situation, and in need on someone willing to listen and walk with me. With me taking the first step through your door, I found someone willing to listen and start an amazing journey. As I was involved with planning for a living, I understood that this would not be a quick and easy walk in the park, and that I need the BEST by my side for a long and challenging battle towards a chance at success. 

Our experience with your team was like a breath of fresh air. Always keeping us informed about progress, procedures and general information and actual timelines. Everything was so streamlined and on time like a well-oiled clock. Your team always remained extremely professional and constantly guided us moving forward in this constantly changing environment. There are no words that are able to describe our gratitude towards You and your Team. We can only recommend You and your Team a thousand times over.

As for your Team, there are many hearts and minds at de Broglio hustling day-in and day-out. Everyone was so well-organized in what they needed to do, and I see that in all the advice and information I received over my journey. I would however like to give a special thanks to advocate IJ Zidel, attorney Zandelee de Swart and Brenda du Toit for their special efforts in my successful outcome. They were incredible.

Thank you"


29 February 2024