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P.J.S - "Thank God that I met David John and your team"

"Hi Michael. 

I thought it wise to write this e-mail.

I initially never knew that I had a claim against the RAF due to me only being away for 3 weeks on sick leave before commencing work after my accident. 

I was under the impression that the RAF only remunerated for loss of income.

I never knew they also assist in the future medical expenses I will incur due to my injuries.

Furthermore, I also did not realise that my injuries will have an effect on my future working performance, and that I will lose future income prospects.

Even though I tried to remain tough, and tried to perform my duties, my employer saw that my performance was not as efficient as what they expect for someone in my position of employment.

Lateron, I experienced bad treatment from management, and disciplinary actions started to be issued against me for poor work performance.

I had to work much harder and longer to ensure that there was no threat of dismissal by incapacity.

I  realised that I could not move with the ease I used to, and did not know about the psycological impact the accident had on my relationships with my family and colleagues.  

My duties are composed of a third physical, and the rest administrative management.

I also did not realise that my wife noticed mood swings and memory loss due to PDS.

Luckily, if we step back to just after the accident,I was told by a friend to speak to one of your representatives, I realised that I never knew about all the long term consequences this accident will cost me.

For instance, at my company they award a year by year contract for retirees up to the age of 70 and I was told,me being 62 during the court case, that they will under no circumstances do the same for me.

This meant that due to the injuries I sustained, I will have a loss of future income of at least 3 years and I will have medical expenses which I will never be able to afford during my retirement.

Thank God that I met David John and your team.

If it was not for you guys, I would have retired much poorer with medical bills I could not afford.

With the highest gratitude"


15 May 2024