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Legal fees

Legal fees are a favourite complaint of people - and our experience of sitting on the Law Society shows us that most of the complaints are unwarranted.  Many people simply fail to understand how much work their attorney does.  RAF claims against the Road Accident Fund in particular can be very complex - and in many cases involve going to court.  But there is a solution!  

In this field of law, we are able to assist you on a contingency basis if you choose.  This is on a no win, no fee basis in terms of the Contingency Fees Act. We also have a normal hourly fee basis, if you do not want to have to deal with all of the complexities of the Contingency Fees Act. In other words, if you choose the Contingency Fee Act basis only if we are successful will you be charged. 

We have included more material on attorneys fees if you would like to read more in greater depth, but know this - the cost of avoiding the fees of an expert and trying to rely on a non-Plaintiff expert attorney in this field is more likely to cost you a lot more than just the fees you saved!

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