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3rd Time Lucky R5,604,039.00

updated: 19-Sep-23

Long established law firm, de Broglio Attorneys, specialize in personal injury and medical negligence cases. They often take over cases from other attorneys who have been unable to finalize the claims for their clients. There are many reasons for this including lack of expertise as well as lack of finances to fund the claim for the entire process. de Broglio Attorneys are a well-respected firm and other attorneys trust them to handle the cases of their previous clients.

This happened in the case of Bereket Laubaschagne*. In his own words he explained what happened with his daughter’s medical negligence case, “Our case was referred to de Broglio Attorneys by our previous lawyers. De Broglio is our 3rd set of lawyers. The first set of attorneys were found guilty of fraud, the second set said that the case was too expensive for them, in other words they couldn’t finance everything that was needed for the case. Then they referred us to de Broglio Attorneys.”

Being referred to de Broglio Attorneys was in the best interest of their case because de Broglio Attorneys have a multitude of experience and expertise in the medical negligence field of law. In this unfortunate case, Bereket’s child suffered brain damage due to substandard treatment of jaundice after birth. They desperately needed help and de Broglio Attorneys were able to provide them with exactly that.

de Broglio Attorneys provide the best service in the industry to their clients. Bereket commented on this, “Their service was very good, we were well informed at all times, we were always kept up to date with emails etc.”

de Broglio Attorneys managed to obtain an interim settlement for the fantastic amount of R5,604,039.00 where two previous law firms had been unable to proceed with the claim. This provided Bereket with some financial and emotional relief. “I am very glad with our interim settlement and I am satisfied, I think it is fair and it’s just,” he said. de Broglio Attorneys were able to settle their claim on an interim basis in the South Gauteng High Court.

Bereket has become an ambassador for de Broglio Attorneys, as many other of the firm’s clients have after experiencing their excellent service and results. He advised that he will always refer anyone he knows to contact de Broglio Attorneys for advice should they become victims of a similar situation to his, “I will definitely refer all my friends and family to de Broglio, without a doubt.” 

*Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality. 

Case results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any future case.