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R6,147,023.30 for Injured Pedestrian

updated: 19-Sep-23

When it comes to finding an attorney to assist you in making a claim against the Road Accident Fund (RAF), there is only one option – de Broglio Attorneys. They have been suing the RAF for over twenty five years and have immense experience and expertise in these claims. They get excellent results, they take no nonsense from the RAF, they use the best medico-legal experts for their clients, and they look after their clients providing them with outstanding client service and updates.

Dawid de Klerk* is one of their clients, he mandated de Broglio Attorneys to handle his RAF claim and he has no regrets about doing so. Dawid endured a serious brain injury when he was hit by a car while on the side of the road. He desperately needed help but because of the severity of his injuries he didn’t know what to do.

His mother stepped in and contacted de Broglio Attorneys who were there for him when he needed it. They handled his RAF claim and ensured that he received the ultimate settlement of R6,147,023.30 in the South Gauteng High Court. Dawid said, “My mom phoned de Broglio on my behalf after the accident. we had seen them on TV through the ads and heard they were very good.”

Both himself and his mother were highly impressed with the service they received from de Broglio Attorneys. “One of the guys actually came to our house and then we went to the police station to the affidavit. He helped us from the very start, the first time we met him. The service was very good, I was always kept informed. I received letters through the post and emails. The service was very up to date, I never had to check anything. They always made sure I knew what was happening and I knew where I had to be and when.”

Dawid is overjoyed that his RAF claim has been settled. He commented, “I am very happy with the settlement. I am just carrying on as normal at the moment, and will sort things out as I go. de Broglio helped with the claiming process, they did very well getting the amount they did. I have heard of a lot of people who used other attorneys and did not get what they deserved. They didn’t even know what was happening with their claims and then they got a little out of it. de Broglio helped me get what I deserved which I am very thankful for.”

*Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality. 

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