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R6,620,910.00 A Very Favourable Outcome

updated: 01-Feb-21

The Road Accident Fund (RAF) is a government organization from which you can claim compensation depending on very many, complicated factors which only an expert legal firm could assist you with. One such law firm is de Broglio Attorneys with their 25 years in the business, having accrued a substantial amount of recognition in the legal fraternity and public as being the leaders in this personal injury field of law. Here is the story of how they assisted one of their clients in a recent case against the RAF.

Cameron Adams*was riding his motorcycle when he was hit by an oncoming vehicle in his lane. He suffered serious injuries including a brain injury, memory loss, multiple fractures, spleen removal and liver and kidney damage.

Cameron’s father assisted him in contacting de Broglio Attorneys for assistance with an RAF claim. Cameron explained, “My father knew of Michael de Broglio and directed me towards approaching de Broglio Attorneys. We consulted and did all the paperwork. I was never once disappointed in our decision to use de Broglio Attorneys as we only received the best service from them and all of the team involved.”

His claim was settled for the fabulous amount of R6,620,910.00. Cameron was elated and expressed that, “I am lost for words, I am still trying to think about this and how to write a thank you email to you all about this. I will definitely be writing a letter of thanks to each and every person involved.”

“I am extremely grateful for you and your team,” he continued, and, “I would definitely recommend de Broglio to everyone I know that’s for sure, 100%.”

Cameron’s claim was settled in full R6,620,910.00. This is an outstanding settlement figure that must be appreciated in the context from whence it came, an expert law firm with dedication, experience and knowledge in this specialized field of law, and a highly cooperative client.

Further to this and in closing Cameron said, “I understand doing the whole process now, going to your appointments. They always gave me great advice and if you stick to the advice things will go smoothly. It’s just nice knowing that what you guys say is guaranteed and you can count on it.”

*Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality.

Case results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any future case.