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RAF Claim - Victim Claims and Settles for R2,843,441.00

updated: 03-Mar-21

Personal injury law firm, de Broglio Attorneys, is well-known as the leader in personal injury claims, especially when it comes to making claims against the Road Accident Fund (RAF). The firm was established over a quarter of a century ago and has changed the face of personal injury claims in terms of the impeccable service they provide, the substantial amounts they settle RAF claims for, and their determination and consistency in ensuring their clients’ needs come first.

One such client is James Marvin*, who suffered spinal fractures when he was involved in a car accident. The collision occurred when he had been driving with his children and an oncoming vehicle veered into their lane of travel, colliding head on with their vehicle.

James knew who to contact for assistance with his claims against the RAF, the only law firm he trusted with such important matters, and that was de Broglio Attorneys. He commented, “I actually know one of the consultants, and my niece used to work for them so it was an obvious choice for me to use de Broglio, I knew how good they are.”

de Broglio Attorneys handled his claim and are currently still handling the claims for his two children who were also injured in the accident. James praised de Broglio Attorneys on their service, “Their service is absolutely brilliant. Unbelievable. Their service, Gosh it is unbelievable. They are very professional, they keep you up to date, they are very accommodating and things like that. I am dealing with three attorneys at their firm because they did my claim and they are dealing with the claims for my kids and all of them are equally good and professional.”

de Broglio Attorneys managed to settle his claim within two years of his accident which can be considered a speedy settlement considering how slow the RAF is in all of its endeavors. His case proceeded to the South Gauteng High Court where, after a four day long trial, no settlement was reached because the RAF made a terribly low offer of R884,071.31, with merits of 75% in favour of James. de Broglio Attorneys advised James to reject the offer as it was too low and wisely he accepted their advice. One week later the judge ordered the RAF to pay over a settlement amount of R2,843,441.00, with the merits of his case being conceded, in other words, he was found to be 100% innocent for the cause of the accident.

James was ecstatic and shocked at how de Broglio Attorneys had managed to increase the initial offer by almost R2,000,000.00. He said, “I was very happy with the amount, obviously. I think the attorney did a very, very good job in getting me much more than they offered me. I am very happy with what we settled with.”

Need help with a claim against the RAF? Phone the professionals, de Broglio Attorneys, on 011 – 446 4200 for free telephonic advice.

*Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality.

Case results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any future case.