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Motor Vehicle Accidents

de Broglio Attorneys produce excellent results in these cases and our top team will ensure that you get great service. We keep our clients constantly updated and we do operate, where clients specifically request same, on a contingency basis. 
E-mail us or call us on 011 4464200 or 0800 ACCIDENT to institute a claim against the Road Accident Fund. You probably know that every time you fill your car up with petrol or diesel, you pay a levy towards the Road Accident Fund which would be approximately R25,00 a tank. This in turn gives you a compulsory insurance policy that provides you with cover if you are injured in a road accident for which you are not to blame.

To have a claim, you really need to satisfy just those two requirements, and that is firstly, to have been injured (and that would normally require having seen a medical practitioner) and secondly, you will need to not be to blame for the accident. If you are partially to blame, then you will still have a claim, it will just be reduced by the extent to which you are held to be to blame.

Our firm handles a range of cases, from smaller cases to huge million rand claims, and amongst those, we also do a lot of loss of support cases and other cases where the injuries range from fractures to whiplash injuries.

If you have a query, please call de Broglio Inc. Attorneys at 011 4464200 (from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm) or e-mail enquiries to [email protected].

You can read more about these types of claims on our related website www.accidentclaim.co.za