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Slip & Fall Injuries

Slip and fall injuries are also known by some as slip and slide injuries, but they generally relate to injuries caused by people either slipping, tripping or falling as a result either as a design flaw on the walking surface, or a slippery surface caused by weather conditions or a spill and these arise in a variety of situations. 

One of the more common types is people injured while they are shopping, for example, when somebody simply spills oil on a floor around an aisle in the shopping centre and when you unfortunately happens to be the first person to walk along, you land up on your back or with some pretty serious injuries in some cases. We also represent clients who have been injured walking in parking lots by pieces of metal and obtrusive equipment protruding in places where it should not be. 

Each of these types of cases requires a factual examination and they are also very complex because many of these companies have a number of indemnities in place. In short, simply slipping or falling somewhere, does not guarantee you a claim at all and due to the complexities involved, we are prepared to handle these on a no success, no fee contingency basis, but we typically only agree to take on such cases when the injuries, and the loss that you have suffered are fairly large. In other words, if you simply suffered bruising, and went back to work without any loss of income, we would not take on such a case although you may well find a smaller firm may. 

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