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Train Accidents

We are able to assist members of the public who are injured, or family members in the case of a death, while being transported by a train or even while getting on or off that train at a train station. Whether it involves Metrorail, Transnet or the settlements offered by the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (Prasa), de Broglio Inc attorneys can help you! Call 0800 ACCIDENT now for help on a contingency basis.

There are many circumstances in which people are injured on trains including people who fall out of trains, people who are pushed from trains, people who are pushed by the crowd at the station or people who fall while getting on or off a train and in all these cases we can assist you with a claim.

People should be aware that in such cases efforts will sometimes be made by representatives of the train companies to reach a quick settlement with you. This is particularly dangerous, as your injuries may be more severe, may need to be proven and if you sign documentation saying you have no claim later in order to receive a quick cash settlement now, sometimes for as little as R7 500,00 to R10 000,00 (offered by PRASA in the Metrorail crash), you may very well not be able to claim at a later stage, even though your claim could be worth substantially more.

The proper quantification of a claim would see you being sent to medico legal experts and various specialists who can not only say what the future impact of the injuries will be on your working career, but also estimate what the future medical treatment will cost you. In addition, you are entitled to money for pain and suffering and in cases where you have lost a loved one, you are entitled to loss of support which means to be quantified by an actuary.

If you wish us to assist you with a train accident claim, please call us on 0800 ACCIDENT or alternatively e-mail us at [email protected].